Special Bitcoin Hyip Script 2019


With this software, a HYIP admin can manage unlimited number of investments from customers. He can set unlimited packages with fixed/variable plans, pay via many payment processors including Bitcoin and Litecoin, answer their tickets during emergencies, view his periodical earnings, create referral programs and even block accounts/ips when needed for safety. View complete features below.


See the Special Bitcoin Hyip Script 2019 in action:


User Login

Username:- demo

Password :- demo

Admin Login

Username: admin

Password: admin

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Special Bitcoin Hyip Script 2017 Home Page
Special Bitcoin Hyip Script 2017 Home Page


Bitcoin Hyip Script Main Features


Change primary currency

During Script installation, one can set the primary currency to either USD or Bitcoin or Litecoin or Euro.

Customizable Template

Script uses plain HTML for its templates. A developer can also work on multiple templates at same time. Script can be integrated into any template provided the system variables are in their proper places in the code.

SEO Links

Script uses SEO friendly URLs. For example http://yoursite.com/custom/page/abc instead of http://yoursite.com?type=custom&page=abc . This helps web crawlers to map your website quicker.

Mini Ticket System

Script includes a mini ticket system where a registered client can interact with the admin or backoffice staff in case he/she needs help. The ticket system is easily managed from the admin panel.

Variable Calendar Rates

Script has a system where an admin can set variable interest rates based on future calendar dates. This is very helpful for admins who are from forex background to pay their investors variably as per profit.

Exchange System

Script has an optional exchange system which when enabled from admin can be used by clients to exchange their processor balances internally. For e.g one can exchange PM to Payeer. Exchange fees can be set too.

Multiple Payment Processors

Script has many payment options such as PerfectMoney, Payeer, Payza, OKPay, Nixmoney, Advcash, Bitcoin, Litecoin. An admin can also add custom processors to take manual payments.

Many More Tools

There are many useful tools in admin panel such as FileManager, Blacklist Manager, Duplicate Ip Manager, Logs, Site Modules Manager etc. Admin Dashboard has many graphs for showing various site statistics.


Member Features in Bitcoin Hyip Script


Intuitive account dashboard showing detailed financial and other account related informations.
A member can see his /her deposits history which can be filtered by amount, id, date range and status.
New deposit section also shows individual package details when selected.It also shows fees included and “Amount to pay” before payment.
A member can either deposit to wallet or package as set by admin.
All table data can be exported to csv for offline viewing.
Two-factor authentication can be enabled from “edit profile” section.
Referral section is available for viewing referrals list and earnings if allowed by admin.
A member can also create/view support tickets.
Deposit calculator is available in ‘new deposit’ section.
A member can also send funds to another member if allowed by admin.
Instant withdrawals are available if set by admin. Fees and “amount to receive” are shown during withdrawal.
Comprehensive transactions history section which lists all transactions by type. It can be filtered too.
Pending deposits/withdrawals can be seen. Pending withdrawals can also be cancelled.
A member can see his/her access logs to check for any suspicious activity.
Exchange system is also available if set by admin which is used for exchanging funds between processors.
A member can write a testimonial and also view his/her past testimonials.
Wallet accounts of the processors can be set in profile section which can be locked too.


Admin Features in Bitcoin Hyip Script


Full featured dashboard with comprehensive graph to show financial information about site.
Admin can create/view/manage/delete users.He can also block/suspend a user.
Admin can create/manage investment packages.Variable plans are also available to pay interests on calendar dates.
Admin can create unlimited plans for a package.Compound system can be set for a package.
Admin can create unlimited custom processors for manual deposits/withdrawals such as Bank wire.System processors can be edited.
Admin can edit API/SCI details for system processors.
Admin can set deposit/withdrawal/internal fees for each processor.
Admin can view all transactions and see the details of each.
Admin can see all running/expired deposit.He can release funds from a deposit or change package too if requested by user.
Admin can see pending deposits/withdrawals and also toggle their status in few clicks.
Admin can send bonus/penalty to users or a group of users based on certain conditions.
Admin can send newsletters.
Admin can send notifications to users who can see in their member panel.
Admin can view/reply to user tickets and can also mass close/reopen them.He/She can also create help topics and ticket departments.
There are numerous settings namely site settings, exchange settings, referral settings, modules etc.
Site settings contain settings for individual user section such as “Withdrawal”, “Deposit” etc.Admin set site name and as site emails.
Admin can allow users to exchange by enabling exchange system from exchange settings.He/She can set rates for exchange pairs too.
Admin can manage direct referral programs and also set fees and minimum amount settings for other ref levels.
Admin can manage 4 modules namely site information, site stats, plans and news which can be easily set and can be shown anywhere in the site.
Admin can even set a secondary password to secure sensitive areas in admin panel and can also set Ips which can access admin panel.
Site can also be put in maintenance mode during emergencies.
Admin can even blacklist a user’s processor account and also Ips.
Admin can edit email templates which are used to send emails to users for various purposes.
Admin can create/edit/delete news for the site.
Admin can approve/unapprove testimonials of members.
A file manager area is available which can be handy for admin to edit, view files without logging into FTP panel.
Admin can also check for duplicate Ips and take actions for such.
Admin can edit his/her profile.


System Requirements


PHP version >= 5.4 is required.
MySQL version 5.x is required.
IonCube loader version 5.x is required.
curl, mcrypt, gd, openssl, bcmath php libs are needed.