Bitcoin Transaction Hijacker


Bitcoin Transaction Hijacker UTX Exploit is a software which allows you to hack unconfirmed bitcoin transactions with the UTX Exploit which from the existing transaction creates a new transaction by increasing transaction fees and transfert all bitcoins of unconfirmed transaction to your wallet address.

Bitcoin Transaction Hijacker UTX Exploit features :

– Divert hack transaction without any risk of traceability ( 100% Anonymous and no transactions history )
– Can be used anywhere in the world
– Bitcoin get full confirmation after hijack on your wallet
– No transaction daily limit
– Bitcoin are transferable to all wallet and exchanges ( Blockchain, trustwallet, coinomi, Coinbase, Binance….. )
– Support all type of BTC address
– Possibility to edit proxy ( VIP 72 , TorProxy , socks4..)
– Can work on remote

To use Bitcoin Transaction Hijacker V 4.0.1 UTX Exploit you need :
– a Windows system ( 7 and up )
– a RAM memory up to 1 GB and ROM up to 10 GB
– a dual core processor or more with a frequency of 1GHz Minimum
– a stable internet connection ( it’s important !!! )