Ultimate Bitcoin Doubler Script


If you looking for bitcoin doubler script 2017 version? than this script will be helps you to build your own Bitcoin Investment or Doubler Script Website. Ultimate Bitcoin Doubler Script is one of the best Bitcoin Doubler script we have ever build. This is latest build with gourl api. Gourl is anonymous bitcoin payment processor. Script comes with powerful admin and user panel.

Live Demo:


Register an account with your bitcoin address.  You can Try with small transaction. We will transfer your fund back in your wallet address that you have registered. We will take only 5% fees on it.

How it works:

  • You can set a hourly plan from admin panel
  • You can set referral commission from admin panel
  • Set your API keys for accept payments.
  • User registered with their Bitcoin address. Its also their payout address.
  • Every time user get new deposit address.
  • Deposit goes to earning table and waiting 1 confirmation to be considered as confirmed.
  • After deposit confirmed you can manually approved transaction from admin panel.
  • Every deposit goes to table and user can see there history on User panel
  • No need to download blocks and other huge things.
  • Just set your API and Plan and start earning.
  • Easy setup 15 minutes.
  • Installation is totally free if you need


Change Log:


Version  1.0

Initial Release.

Version 2.0

UI Improvement

Some Bug Fixed.

Version 3.0

Remove coinpayment as payment processor

Added Gourl as default and new payment processor

Version 4.0

Some Bug Fixes

UI Improvment

Gourl API updated

Auto withdraw with coinpayments  api


Ultimate Bitcoin Doubler Script
Ultimate Bitcoin Doubler Script Home Page


Ultimate Bitcoin Doubler Script
Ultimate Bitcoin Doubler Script Register Page


Ultimate Bitcoin Doubler Script Login PageUltimate Bitcoin Doubler Script Login Page
Ultimate Bitcoin Doubler Script Login Page


Script Requirement:


PHP 5.6.x,

MYSQL Database,

Linux Server